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Definition of School

According to section 3(1) of the Education Ordinance, “school” means an institution, organization or establishment which provides for 20 or more persons during any one day or eight or more persons at any one time, any nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary or post secondary education or any other educational course by any means, including correspondence delivered by hand or through the postal services.

What should be done first in planning to run a school?

Potential operators may first seek advice from the School Registration and Compliance Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and attend their briefing sessions. Then carefully select a site for school use. To ensure that the selected premises are suitable for the purposes of a school, applicants should clarify with the Planning Department (PlanD) and the Lands Department (LD) on whether the proposed site contravenes the Town Planning Ordinance / Government Lease conditions. For details, please contact School Registration and Compliance Section of the EDB.

Which government department should applicants approach to register a school :

 One of the prerequisites for EDB to issue the Certificate of provisional registration is the applicant’s submission of documentation attesting the premises’ suitability for school use, i.e.
  • certification of the suitability of the site against the Town Planning Ordinance and Government Lease conditions.

  • safety certificates and notice issued by BD/ICU and FSD.

How long does it take an application for registration to be approved?

The actual processing time depends very much on how long the applicant takes to comply with various requirements to the satisfaction of relevant departments.

Apart from the time required by the PlanD and the Lands Registry to confirm the suitability of the proposed premises for school use and issue the lease record of the premises concerned respectively, LD, Fire Services Department (FSD), Buildings Department (BD)/ Independent Checking Unit of Housing Department (ICU) and EDB will process the applications at the same time. They will provide feedback on initial assessment of the application and issue advice/letter of requirements for applicant’s compliance normally within 20 – 22 working days upon receipt of an application. After the applicant has reported compliance with all buildings/housing and fire services requirements, BD/ICU and FSD require another 14 – 22 working days to conduct re-inspection of the premises and issue safety certificates and notice. When all the required information and documents are in order, EDB will consider approving the application and issuing the Certificate of Provisional Registration within 10 working days.

Precautions for school decoration

1)The number of sanitary fitments that are connected to flushing system required in a school are as follows:

For boys – 1 water closet, 2 urinals and 1 wash hand basin for every 30 pupils. Where there are no urinals, 1 water closet shall be provided for every 20 pupils.

For girls – 1 water closet for every 20 pupils and 1 wash hand basin for every 25 pupils.


2)The premises under application should not be situated at any floor more than 24 meters above ground floor.

3)Any room/area/premises with a capacity exceeding 30 persons shall be provided with at least 2 exits. The exit doors shall open in the direction of exit and shall not obstruct any part of the exit route by the swing of the doors.

4)The following fire service installations and equipment should normally be provided:-

(a) portable fire extinguisher(s);
(b) manual fire alarm system;
(c) emergency lighting system/unit(s);
(d) exit/directional sign(s);
(e) automatic fire detection system; and
(f) automatic sprinkler system (if the gross floor area exceeding 230 square meters).

Why Choose Trilliongroups

Trilliongroups a partner of Elements Design Engineering Company ,Specially designed for the decoration of different schools, with many years of experience, it can definitely meet the requirements of school decoration; from applying for school license to designing and decorating, Trilliongroups can help you solve it all at once.

A team of experienced professionals solves problems for you

Professional teams include:

屋宇署註冊建築師 (認可人士) Registered Architect (Authorized Person)
屋宇署註冊結構工程師 (認可人士) Registered Structural Engineer
屋宇署註冊持牌小型工程受權簽署人Registered Minor Works (Authorized Person)
註冊持牌消防工程承辦商 Registered Fire Engineering
註冊持牌通風工程團隊Registered Ventilation Engineering
電工A牌師父 Registered Electrical Engineering
註冊持牌水喉工匠Registered Plumbing Engineer


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