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What does the general restaurant kitchen equipment include?​

In fact, different types of restaurants require the same equipment, but without these equipment, cooking cannot be completed, nor can they be opened.

We can assist you in ordering and installing different types of equipment according to your requirements and specifications; let us introduce the basic equipment of the restaurant kitchen immediately!

Food Storage Freezers

Refrigerators should be installed in restaurants to store perishable food items.The temperature of destroyable food shall be kept at or below 4 degrees Celsius if stored in a freezer and below minus 18 degrees Celsius if stored in a freezer. A thermometer shall be provided in the freezer to show the temperature at which food is stored.

Generally ordered freezer freezer, only provide form factor, capacity, refrigerant, temperature range and so on.



Working Table

Generally according to the needs of guests can order two or three floors of working table, conditioning or finishing tools, such as cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools, etc., and work can also choose to order single-door or two-door temperature cabinet.

Kitchen Sink

According to the Food Environmental Guidelines, applicants should provide sufficient space and sinks for washing and cleaning food utensils in accordance with business needs. Every kitchen and food preparation room must be equipped with at least one wash basin and one wash basin for employees to use.

As for large kitchens that can accommodate a large number of employees, a wash basin must be provided. The size of the wash basin is at least 35×35, and the sink is at least 45×45, and a grease trap must be installed. The capacity of the grease trap must be sufficient to treat the waste water discharged during busy business hours, not only to effectively isolate the grease, so that the grease cannot flow into the sewage system, but also to facilitate cleaning and inspection.

Cooking Stove

There are many types of stoves, such as fryer, griddle, tabletop gas stove etc. Customers can decide to choose according to the differences in the license; for example, theLight Refreshment Restaurant Licence, the type of cooking is not too much. Therefore, the induction cooker is generally chosen.

General Restaurant Licence generally choose 4/6-burner floor-standing gas stoves due to the variety and complexity of their food.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters have wall-mounted and bench-top types, which need to provide sufficient and stable hot water and room temperature water, and also need to install a water filter.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet With Door

Systematic finishing and storage is the basic conditions for the smooth operation of the kitchen, so the kitchen must have enough door stainless steel kitchen cabinets to put ingredients, utensils.

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屋宇署註冊持牌小型工程受權簽署人Registered Minor Works (Authorized Person)
註冊持牌消防工程承辦商 Registered Fire Engineering
註冊持牌通風工程團隊Registered Ventilation Engineering
電工A牌師父 Registered Electrical Engineering
註冊持牌水喉工匠Registered Plumbing Engineer


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