Light Refreshment Restaurant Decoration


Types of light refreshment restaurant

Shop Characteristics:

  • Must apply for a Light Refreshment license and meet the licensing requirements for establishments.
  • Ventilation and fire safety systems are particularly important based on the type of restaurant.
  • The renovation materials must meet specified standards, such as furniture requiring fire-resistant material certification.
  • Open flames for cooking are not allowed.”


Light Refreshment restaurant including:

  • Coffee shop/Cafe
  • Food cart
  • Ramen restaurant
  • Light snack shop (e.g., sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.)


What are the differences in renovation requirements between light refreshment restaurant and general restaurants?

Light Refreshment restaurant may not require a separate kitchen area.

For the renovation of general restaurants, it is necessary to have a kitchen area with fireproofing measures on all four sides. On the other hand, for light refreshment restaurant, there may not be a specific requirement to designate a separate kitchen area.

In terms of ventilation and fire safety

Ventilation for light refreshment restaurant can be shared with the dining area through the same ventilation duct, as they do not have a designated kitchen area. In terms of fire safety, the renovation specifications for are generally the same as those for general restaurants.

Design & Decoration Style

Dreamy Style

Transforming into a popular Instagram-worthy spot, the key elements for designing and renovating in a girly/boyish style are emphasizing the use of colors along with metallic materials to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Industrial Style

Industrial design style leans towards using a blend of metal, wood, and concrete aesthetics, making it highly suitable for the renovation style of light refreshment restaurants or Western restaurants.

1980s Café Style

The retro style evokes a comfortable and leisurely feeling, primarily incorporating leather and cement for design inspiration. It is a design that resonates well with busy people in Hong Kong, bringing them joy and delight.

餐廳裝修 高貴奢華風

Luxurious and Elegant Style

The luxurious and elegant style primarily features various wood veneers, metals, and stone materials, complemented by strategic lighting to create a dazzling ambiance throughout the space.

餐廳裝修 小青新

Fresh and Light Style

The design in the fresh and light style tends to be relatively simple in terms of color, with predominantly white or pastel shades. It aims to create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere while paying great attention to the selection of decorative elements.

餐廳裝修 時尚風格

Modern and Stylish Style

The modern and stylish style often becomes an eye-catching focal point, featuring a combination of various unique decorative elements. It showcases a highly personalized and distinct renovation style.

Our Works

餐廳裝修 時尚風格
餐廳裝修 時尚風格

Restaurant Renovations: Ensuring Compliance with Proper Ventilation Systems

Essential Fresh Air Ventilation System for General Restaurants Licence

To operate a restaurant, obtaining a ‘Light Refreshment Restaurant License’ is a prerequisite. The installation of a fresh air ventilation system is a crucial aspect of a successful license application. The purpose of the fresh air ventilation system is to exhaust cooking odors from the restaurant while providing fresh air to both the kitchen and dining area.

The specifications and availability of ductwork may vary for each location. When selecting a space, it is essential to have a clear understanding of whether the ductwork infrastructure is adequate to accommodate the appropriate fresh air ventilation equipment.

Trillion Decoration: Fire-Safe Materials, Expert Advice During Inspections

Specific requirements exist for the quantity of exhaust ducts, size of exhaust outlets, and fire resistance. If there is a presence of black smoke during exhaust, special filtration equipment may be needed for improvement. Trillion Decoration ensures the use of certified and qualified fresh air ventilation systems, enabling a faster restaurant opening for you.

Do general restaurants need to have toilets? Are there limitations on the renovation specifications?

Restaurants are required to have toilets.

Toilet facilities are a necessary component when operating a restaurant. The specific requirements for the number of toilets vary depending on the size of the restaurant and the type of license. Proper water supply, drainage, and ventilation for the toilets are crucial aspects of the overall renovation process. It is essential to engage professional renovators who are experienced in handling these aspects.

What are the requirements for drainage and sewage disposal? Is the renovation expensive?

Water supply refers to the presence of a public water pipe, while sewage disposal refers to the availability of a drainage system in the restaurant.

In general, the availability of public water supply pipes is not a major concern when selecting a space for a restaurant since water supply is considered a basic provision for most commercial units. However, the requirements for drainage systems are more critical. Professional renovators are needed to assess the site conditions and make appropriate judgments in terms of the drainage system during the renovation planning process.

Trillion Decoration team is equipped with a license as a small-scale construction contractor, enabling us to professionally handle restaurant renovations.

Trillion Decoration ensures that the materials we use meet the standards required for restaurant operations. You can trust us to handle all aspects of your renovation needs.

The 5 essential fire safety equipment that every restaurant should know.

Emergency lighting, Sprinkler heads, Escape routes, Emergency doors, Smoke doors.

Emergency lighting is one of the fire safety requirements for a restaurant. During routine fire inspections, it will be checked alongside other fire safety measures. Failure to install emergency lighting according to the specifications can potentially affect the restaurant’s operation.

Sprinkler heads serve the purpose of rapid fire suppression in the event of a fire. They need to be installed before the commencement of the renovation project. Our professional designers ensure that all minute details, including the placement of sprinkler heads, are taken care of in the structural planning phase to comply with fire safety regulations.

For restaurants located above ground floors, proper escape routes and fire-resistant doors must be planned. Fire-resistant doors have specific requirements regarding their dimensions, fire resistance rating, and construction. Trillion Decoration uses high-quality materials that meet the required standards for fire safety, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Smoke doors, similar to fire-resistant doors, have specific requirements for dimensions, fire resistance rating, and construction. Depending on specific circumstances, fire authorities may require the installation of a certain number of smoke doors. We have a deep understanding of fire safety requirements in restaurant renovations and can determine how to handle such situations, saving you from wasting additional money and time on incorrect renovation placements.  

Restaurant air conditioning equipment

Ensure that the air conditioning equipment in the restaurant does not create "unauthorized structures" or "illegal constructions."

In general, when renting a commercial space, the premise may provide air conditioning equipment. However, it is important to note that if the air conditioning system in the shop is a “split-type” with an outdoor unit, its installation on the exterior of the building may potentially be considered an unauthorized structure, posing a risk and hindering the progress of license applications. If the premises do not have air conditioning provided, it is necessary to hire a certified structural engineer to oversee the installation process.

Trillion Decoration: Certified Structural Engineers for Restaurant Renovations

We provide professional advice and a clear understanding of the entire plan during the site inspection. We aim to create a renovation plan that best suits your needs, offering tailored recommendations.

Why Trilliongroups

Professional and reliable

Professional engineering and design team with more than 25 years of experience. Over the years to assist countless restaurants to meet the requirements of the health sector, but also to meet customer and market demand for catering decoration services. We are confidence choice.

One-stop service

We specialize in catering large and small renovation projects, fire service installations, air-conditioning and ventilation system, electric connection, plumbing and drainage, cement interval, license applications. Start by choosing a location to help you deal with all the troubles of opening a restaurant! Really one-stop service!

Fast and secure​

Hong Kong people demand speed, especially business must be every second, we have encountered many customers because of the choice of inexperienced catering decoration company, resulting in confusion, easy to make mistakes, and ultimately end up in a bad place, often not worth the loss. Therefore, the company’s team in addition to the decoration team, but also has its own catering license consultants and marketing department team, the real one-stop service.

Skilled Professionals Resolving Your Problems

Our team includes:

Registered Architect (Authorized Person)
Registered Structural Engineer
Registered Minor Works (Authorized Person)
Registered Fire Engineering
Registered Ventilation Engineering
Registered Electrical Engineering
Registered Plumbing Engineer

Apply NOW and SAVE HKD$500!

  • Obtain your Food License in just 30 days
  • 25 Years of Licensing Experience
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  • License fees start at HKD$15,000

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Trillion Decoration: Restaurant Project Budgeting

Light Refreshment Restaurant Decoration
(e.g., below 400 square feet)

Light Refreshment Restaurant project budget: Approximately HKD $400,000
Food license application: Approximately HKD $35,000

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