Draw Restaurant Design Diagram


The importance of drawing restaurant designs

In Hong Kong, there are certain restrictions on the placement of every piece of furniture and equipment; with the help of a designer, a design drawing of a suitable size can be drawn accurately, and all equipment and furniture are placed on the design drawing. You can fully imagine what it will look like after decoration; on the contrary, if you do not have a drawing design, you may have to imagine the appearance after decoration out of thin air. There is a chance to make mistakes in customized equipment and furniture, which is a higher risk and a waste of money.

Draw Restaurant Design Diagram

The floor plans required for retail/dining are divided into the following categories:

The floor plan mainly reflects the plane shape of the building, the location and size of the kitchen, the location of the wall, the thickness, the material, the shape and size of the column, and the location and type of doors and windows.


Ceiling Plan

Ceiling plan mainly shows the distance between the ceiling and the ground, air-out position,fire sprinkler head etc.

Ceiling plan all sizes and distances need to be clearly exemposed.

Lighting Layout Plan

Lighting layout plan mainly show the location of the ceiling lamps and follow the connection diagram of the wire route.

When installing lamps, it is necessary to first conceive the feasibility of the route and display the installation height to avoid difficulties in construction.

Electrical Layout Plan

Hydropower construction is a very important link, hydropower design directly affects the safety of restaurants.

Flooring Plan

Generally, the restaurant will raise the floor for the purpose of draining water. The flooring plan mainly shows the location, size and height of the raised floor.

3D Graphics

Our designers can draw your 3D Graphics in a short time

3D Graphics

To display the 3D effect of various furniture designs and the placement of equipment.

代繪制餐廳設計圖 3D 例子

Facade layout

An facade diagram refers to looking at the appearance of a building from the outside. The facade mainly reflects the height, appearance and decoration requirements of each location of the building. General facades are drawn from facades in different directions.

3D design rendering process:

1.Information: Please provide design information and requirements, such as CAD files, angles, space heights, design and material trade descriptions, reference pictures, etc.

2.Quotation: According to the design information you sent, we will give you a reasonable quotation and delivery time for drawing.

3.Preview: After you confirm the quotation, we will enter the production stage. After the initial production is completed, we will send the first preview image to the customer for revision. Our charge also includes 3 times revisions of the preview image. 

4.Finished : The preview image is confirmed to be correct, and we will send the final image to your company immediately. We will send the picture in JPG or TIF format to you by e-mail.

5.Picture modification: modification fee will be charged for modification after completion.

Draw Other Plans

Trilliongroups have our own professional team, help you save time and money!

代繪制餐廳設計圖 2D
代繪制餐廳設計圖 2D

Fire Service Layout Plan

If the works involve changing the floor plans of fire protection installations or changing the location of fixed equipment, appropriate documents and plans need to be submitted.

The fire-fighting diagram shall show the positions of sprinklers, water sprinkler pipes, supports and hangers, fire hydrants, alarm valves, probes, and alarm equipment.

MVAC Layout Plan

MVAC Layout Plan should be clearly displayed and marked with all diffusers, the location of fresh air vents, exhaust vents, fire gates and dust collectors, and the fire-resistant enclosing of ventilation ducts

We can provide more information about the design

Our service can definitely meet your needs, contact us immediately, the plan belongs to your exclusive design.

Restaurant design budget


General Restaurant Licence

Below 800 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$40,000


Light Refreshment Restaurant Licence

Below 400 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$20,000


Food Factory Licence

Below 400 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$20,000


Factory Canteen Licence

Below 800 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$40,000


Liquor Licensing

Below 800 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$40,000


Frozen Confection Factory Licence

Below 300 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$15,000

新鮮糧食店 裝修

Fresh Provision Shop Licence

Below 300 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$15,000


Bakery Licence

Below 300 square feet:

Design cost budget:Approximately HKD$15,000

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